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Join the coolest book club in your city today!!
(yes, we're a little biased 🤣)

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Build the habit of reading this 2023

Your accountability partners will help you not drop your resolutions this year!


Find the book lover's community in your city

They're never going to say "Get over it, it's just a book" but instead panicccc with you during a plot twist!


Super cool partners and rewards

Premium deals and offers and membership goodies. Go get 'em all!

Get Booked is now open in 3 cities and virtually PAN India!



"I joined the Get Booked club to meet new people and work on my reading habit. Had a lot of fun conversations and met some great people! The bookmark and journal to track progress was a plus!"

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I’ve been a part of the book club for a month and it just keeps getting better! I’m getting to know about books I haven’t read before and I’ve met people who have the same interests as mine. No one gets bored here when I go on a book rant…instead I look around and see faces who totally understand the passion behind it!

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It's been veryyy exciting! I was able 2 books last month! Just the fact that I am in a group with readers has made me very motivated for getting back into the habit of reading that I lost!

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My experience at Get Booked has been fantastic! I met some great people and have been able to read books from completely new genres which is amazing!!

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Since it was my first time being a part of a group like this, get booked helped me in building the habit of reading in my busy schedule at office!  have wanted for a very long time and as a new reader, I have really been enjoying it.

what, when, how, where?

Register and fill out the form to meet book lovers in your city!

Pay your monthly fee (which is sort of a fee for your commitment to the club!)

Wait for us to look at your registration and send you the payment link

Join into the club and experience co-reading and icebreaking sessions, a monthly theme,  mixers over coffee (or chai), online and offline meetups, weekly check-ins and so much more

All you need is one step to reconnect with the habit of reading with your community! 

Aap convince ho gaye ya ham aur bole? 

Our memories!

In case of any doubts, drop an email to

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