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Ditch the awkward first dates and say hello to lasting love with our dating coaching

And join 1 Mn+ community that trusts Harshveer
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Program fee: INR 1999 | Early Bird Offer: INR 699

Become Dating ready. And be a better date.

Join our 500+ community!

Dating simplified: become an expert and find true love in 2023

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average rating is 4.5 out of 5
Rated 4.69 by 150+ people
(Okay its 4.7, but Harshveer insisted we round it down to 4.69 :p)

Join the cohort now, 100 seats only!
(100% money back guarantee)

Program fee: INR 1999 | Early Bird Offer: INR 699

Because Stereotypes hurt everyone

"She owes me sex after the date"

There is a reason this may come across your mind. We'll undo this conditioning.

"But a man NEEDS to make the first move, no?"

This pressure IS real and can make you take steps you will regret later. We'll unpack this. 

"Her no doesn't mean no"

You are expected to chase, yes. But also, you can't assume for the other person. It's not that hard (even if it feels like it is :)

"He should check all my tick boxes"


You are, a person not a grocery cart,

and it's okay if you don't!

100% money back guarantee!

If at any point during the course you feel like this is not benefitting you or isn't something what you're looking for!

Drop us a mail at, and we'll ensure you get your money back!

Get refunds, no questions asked!

Time is running out, grab your spot fast!


Meet Harshveer

Your coach, guide and mentor

Meet harshveer, often known as the notorious intellect aka @storysellercomics. He is one of those people who demand the attention in the room and when they talk you wish to listen. That's what makes learning from him all the more fun! His thinking is one of a kind and his instructing as friendlier as ever! 

He's the perfect coach to make you a better version of yourself and get your life together!

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Who is this cohort for?

People starting to date
In a fresh relationship
Men trying to be better
Facing first date troubles
Tired of pick-up artists
Men looking for a space to grow

2 days of at-home content and 1 live interaction,
and lots of group learning and conversations on:

Gender and dating
The 3 Ps of healthy dating
Dating self awareness
Putting your best foot forward
Navigating online dating
Setting 'right' expectations

And a lot more to pack and unpack!

Feedback from our first cohort

Shriya Pillai

I am in love with storysellercomics. They are so funny and so relatable.
Just through doodles he can weave such beautiful stories

Pranshant Thakar

Okay, this has to be hands down one of the best workshops I have attended. It was so much fun and Harshveer's humour and way of telling stories is very unique. I really enjoyed it.

Tausif Khan

I seriously enjoy his videos and also his comics. They have such beautiful messaging in them. I just want to tell stories like that from Harshveer and I thankfully had the chance to.

F*ck gender stereotypes

- Harshveer

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