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Build products you'd like to use

#include <vibes.h>


Machine Yearning

Fuck boring chats.

Help drive better conversations.


Pyaar-tificial intelligence

Fuck meaningless connections.

Help build better belongingness.


Aww-gmented reality

Fuck static profiles.

Create real experiences.

Claim your projects


Arijit, MBA 1st year, KJ SIM, Mumbai
Built Mingout Web

I got to host popular celebrities, run events in Rishikesh and Delhi AND be a mini celebrity myself!


Sarvagya, 3rd Year, NLU Jodhpur
Offered internship in Founder's Office, Mingout

Wall Climbing, Mystery Rooms, Music Gigs, Stand-up - I have hosted them all! It's been a hell of ride meeting new people and trying new things!

arya 2.jpg

Arya, Eng. Final year, TCET, Mumbai
Hired for Founder's Office, Mingout

I think I have now talked to 100+ people across the events and made a lot of couples and set up dates!

what, when, how, where?

You can pursue this internship while doing other college/personal projects

The project starts when you want it to. We are happy to accommodate.

This is a work from home / college / virtual program.

All we need is hi-Q

Mingout is about people. You take initiative, we become friends :)

No specific language or tech stack is needed.

As long as your logics and algorithms are good,

this internship is for you.

What are you waiting for?

In case of any doubts, drop an email to
(PS: it's not an underscore, its a hyphen)

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