Experiences to dating is what elaichi is to chai

Experiences to dating is what elaichi is to chai

80% of our life is working towards skills and jobs that will act as an experience on our CVs.

But how do you earn that experience. To beautify your linkedin and CV? To answer ‘How many years of experience you have’ even after being a fresher right out of college?

You work for it.

You fight with your biggest demon aka procrastination, and you put in the work.

Then why do you shy away from putting that effort into dating?

Much like the experiences you put on your CV’s, Dating is supposed to be an experience that adds onto your love life and enhances it.

Between the work life balance that we are taught about, 90% of the life part works because of love. And when love is so important then why isn’t dating an experience worth remembering?

Now we understand how thinking about interesting things to do on a first date may seem like cracking an RD Sharma solution in one go. Or how finding the people who might enjoy the ideas you plan can be equivalent to lifting up Thor’s hammer. That it boils down to a point where you start believing you’re not capable or worthy enough

Throwing the classic ‘it’s not you it’s me’ line, We’d like to tell you that the problem isn’t you or your date, it’s these stereotypes that we are conditioned into. You know what would make your dating life 10x better? Understanding that there’s more to first dates than cafes, a drive or a movie. Understanding that dating can be full of beautiful and fun experiences.

Having used the word experiences a lot. Let us explain to you what experiences mean in Mingout terms.

‘Mingout’ Dictionary
Experiences (Noun)
Activities/Ideas/suggestions/Concepts. Are created to help out your two brain cells when you can’t decide what to do on a first date. Come with buckets that guide you so you’re not filling buckets with tears.
Example- "She makes me want to try out an #experience with her. "

At Mingout when we tell you to experience dating, We mean that we have curated and planned a bunch of activities that you can do with your date.

All you have to do is answer a few questions, they answer a few questions, and if you vibe, you experience the experience.

Here we are legit creating experiences for you, So you can put on that cute dress and impress.

So let’s talk about how experiences work in dating.

In a normal world-

You go on a date --------> That’s an experience

In the Mingout world-

You pick an experience --------> You get a date --------->You experience an experience

But now the question arises “what will these experiences do for me” and “yaar dating has been around since forever and it’s been working fine, what difference will these experiences make?”

Well for you we quote “experiences to dating is what elaichi is to chai”

It’s the flavour. That gets added on.

Experiences are the flavour to your monotonous and mundane first dates.

Your date may taste okayish without the experiences too but if by trying out these experiences you have a chance to make it interesting and worth remembering. Then we say why the hell not!

From Park dates, to movie marathons, to planetariums, to libraries, to amusement parks, we have more than 500+ experiences to keep you and your date amused!

Let the dating experience, or shall we say experience dating, begin!

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