Reclaiming Dating

‘Dating’ apps of today have destroyed the word ‘dating’. Beaten and battered, ‘dating’ has been reduced to a means to an end – hook-up, relationship, marriage (or for emotionally unavailable folks, free therapy). Because these apps don’t get you to a date – they get you a match, and leave you stranded thereafter. We are here to put the ‘date’ back in dating.

What is dating? First, we’ll tell you what its not. Dating is not window shopping profiles. Dating is not endless swiping. Dating is not 20 different chat boxes. Dating is NOT a sales store-front where you kill your thumb mindlessly swiping your way into a jungle of meaningless conversations that have no sense of purpose or interest.

But this is exactly what dating has been reduced to. A beautiful experience – of a common interest, of a fun activity, of a nice evening, of pretty sunsets, of imaginative ideas, of picnics, of treks, of eating out, of dressing up, of butterflies in the stomach, of pretty hair, smart footwear, breezy walks – has been reduced to what can be politely put as an ecommerce front of half assed profiles accumulated to build FOMO and frustration.

We are here to claim it back. How do we do this?

It’s ridiculously simple, actually. Here at Mingout, you are not just a profile. You are an experience. A living breathing human being with likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies – and most importantly, lovely ideas for a first date. And you get to express those ideas and find someone who’d like to share an experience, a first date.

In 3 simple steps:

  • Come onboard

  • Pick first date ideas you like

  • Find someone with a common interest

And it’s a date!

This small change does 3 VERY important things: - A common date idea gives you a sense of purpose, an agenda, to look forward to - There’s more transparency, as you know what the other person is looking for - No ghosting, as you either plan a date or politely decline the other person’s offer

It’s simple. And that’s why it works.

So if you want to reclaim dating, come on-board. And let’s have better first dates ☺

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