The beauty of dating

‘Dating’ as a word has been dirtied by ‘matching’ apps. 80% of women (in the age group 18-25, metro, India) would like to go on dates. Of them, 64% want to ‘experience something new’ vs 42% that are ‘looking for someone attractive’. But when you open an app today, all you see are potential ‘matches’, sorted by ‘attractiveness’. Not ‘dates’ and certainly not ‘experiences’.

Now let's imagine a little. Imagine a date. Paint that scenario in your head. Go on, take 20 seconds. I’ll wait. Really, take your time, we’ll wait. Now. What did you imagine? Was it a person or was it a setting? Was it a face or was it something you were enjoying ‘experiencing’? Was it nervousness and anxiety, or was it butterflies and anticipation?

Dating is a beautiful feeling. Looking good...feeling good, excited, happy - that’s dating. Planning something fun, going out, enjoying, having a good time - that’s dating. Romance, flirting, jokes, conversations - that’s dating.

Not swiping on faces trying to work past a pick up line with no idea as to where this is going except maybe you both find each other moderately attractive so maybe he’ll hit you up at 2AM or you’ll text him from between boring team meetings. That’s lazy. THat’s NOT dating. That’s the trash of your love life, not the snacc that you deserve.

We’ll change it. We’ll transform how dating works.

We’ll give you experiences - stuff you’d have fun doing, activities you’d enjoy being a part of - actual, real DATES. Not Matches, but experiences.

And now a sales pitch - We have curated fantastic date ideas for you to go on. Try Mingout - and go date your heart out. No more ‘matching. Only ‘dating’.

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