The evolving face of dating in India

For better first dates. Mingout is yet another dating app. But not just another.

How are we different?

With Mingout, you are not only a ‘profile’. You are an ‘experience’.

How do we do this? It is simple. We are surprised that amidst the multiple dating app innovations of women making the first move or profiles that put across your personality, no one has come up with this.

Here’s our juice: You don’t go to a match with just your details. You bring along an ‘experience’. You bring along something to look forward to, the presence of a common interest and most importantly, a sense of direction. You bring along a potential first date experience.

What is this ‘experience’? It is literally what it says it is. An experience. An activity. A fun thing to do on your first date.

How does this work? 3 neat steps:

  • You pick a bunch of activities you’d like to do on your first date.

  • You are then connected to people who have shown interest in the same activity.

  • You like them, they like you - the two of you already like the activity - it’s a date!

No really, it IS this simple. No complications.

What does this do? We want to keep things simple. We don’t make promises of soulmates. We don’t suggest you’d tell your grandkids you met on Mingout. All we are saying is - you will have better first dates. Where things go from there is all you. But we’ll start you off on a nice note. And love is just like gravity, all you need is a little push :)

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