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Your gateway to a new world

What are Mixers?

Mixers are social events where you meet new, like-minded people over a common interest.

Mingout is bringing the concept of Mixers to India, with curated brunches, house parties, shows et all.

Who can attend?

Mixers are curated event, where the host has the right and power to restrict entry.

You can sign up on the app, or find a Mingout Wingperson around you, and register to join.

Some events are open to public and will be listed on platforms like AirBnB, Insider and BookMyShow as well.

What happens in a Mixer?

A bunch of things. Some are simple house parties, while some are fancy stand-up shows. Yet others are concerts. Sometimes its open mic. Sometimes its a craft workshop. Each mixer is unique. However, one common element ALWAYS is a curated set of like-minded people willing to socialize.

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