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70% relationships end due to 'avoidable issues!'

Find and resolve them before they hurt your relationship!

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Is your love language annoying your partner for eternity?

Are we right or are we right?


"Listen we need to talk!"

Uncomfortable? Scared? Anxious?

Right from DTR to the final destination, know the highs and hiccups of your relationship.

Long distance relationship

"LDR doesn't work"- WRONG

Don't let doubts, insecurities and trust issues win! Shun the stereotypes with us!


Want to fall in love the old-school way?


Learn more about the grow and glow together love>>>

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Rated 4.5 by 150+ people

Join the cohort now, 100 seats only!
(100% money back guarantee)

Program fee: INR 2999

Early Bird Offer: INR 750/-

Meet Rutvi

Rutvi is a mindset and relationship coach. She helps people build everlasting bonds and strong dynamics, along with working on positive mindsets and broadened mental faculties. She is a mentor extraordinaire, who will show us what it feels like to be in a positive headspace and how thoughtful actions beget fruitful results.


She is based out of Boston, and is a hustler; engineer by education but a bird of passage belonging everywhere!


Who is this cohort for?

People in "Complicated" Relationship
In a fresh relationship
People who had their Heart-Broken
People who'd like to be in relationships
Hopeless romantics & hopeful lovers

100% money back guarantee!

If at any point after the course you feel like this is not benefitting you or isn't something what you're looking for!

Drop us a mail at, and we'll ensure you get your money back!

Get refunds, no questions asked!

Time is running out, grab your spot fast!

"Say goodbye to heartache and hello to healthy relationships with our expert coaching."

Anubhav Singh

This cohort helped me let go of insecurities and boosted my confidence and esteem which manifested in a healthy and happy relationship.

Sejal Agarwal

I was having trouble working things out in my long distance relationship, but the cohort program assisted during times of distress, now we are going strong!

Akshay Choudhary

TThe course has been an eye opener and now I understand and love my partner more!

Here is what people say about the cohort

F*ck Complicated Relationships

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