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7 Dating Lingos, millennials don’t understand

Have you or have you not, googled words, terms, and lingos while chatting with someone you really like, hoping that your awareness about those quirky words would really fetch you brownie points in the dating game and immediately give you a comparative advantage? Fret not, you are not the only millennial who does this, and in a world that so easily moves ahead while you are stuck at a dilemma, we do understand how difficult it becomes to catch up and learn new things, especially when it involves conversations with a certain someone you are so fond of. Let us take a look at some of the most common yet uncommon lingos that have been doing the rounds and taking the GenZ world by storm.

By the time you are through with this blog, you will be a turn into a zoomer from a boomer for sure!


This is a GenZ term that reeks of supreme toxicity, wherein you are there but you are not there; which basically implies you would want to talk, chat, converse, and enjoy with this person occasionally but you have no intentions of strengthening your bond, give labels or indulge in a relationship with the other person. It feels good as long as you are on the same page, but it is big-time painful if you both want different things from the dynamics.


You will be in for a huge surprise (read shock) when you know that the person you’re talking to, is not the person you’re talking to, but someone else altogether. “Identity theft is not a joke but it is sure a popular (mal)practice in the dating landscape now.”


We hope that you remain alien to this term forever because the very thought of it, is painful. You spend days and nights, sunrises and sunsets, time and energy on each other but suddenly they stop texting you, start refusing to see you, meet you, talk to you, and bam, ghosted! Disappearing into thin air without a trace of clue is what ghosting sounds and feels like.


It is cheating sans the physical part but ultimately cheating it is. It feels like you aren’t getting cheated on but is equally wrong because you are holding on to other people for emotional stability and support and also being with your partner. As much as you want it to be justified, it won’t be and could qualify as cheating.


This is a private and public conundrum wherein you find your partner acknowledging the relationship in private but refusing to accept you, in public. Sounds familiar to stashing an item you so desperately want to disclose and devour in public but can’t, much!? This is what you do to your partner, and there never is a mention of them on any media, social or otherwise! Creepy or is it?

Zombie-ing - Someone is stalking you, dropping subtle hints that they got your eyes on you after you had a rough fallout but they will never make an effort to re-enter your life. They appear in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night; might text you something and delete it for attention or like a picture on Instagram that is dated 2 years ago. A zombie feels already?

DTR (Define the Relationship)

This is a post “we need to talk” question that couples ask each other when they have no clue where the relationship is headed and is specifically aimed at people who avoid the tough conversation and evade situations that question their long-term plans about the relationship. But please, DTR guys!


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"Sharanya is a business aficionado by education, an emotional fool at heart, and a hopeless romantic by nature. I like to read, write and develop unhealthy obsessions with fictional characters, food and songs. In my free time, I like to play the ukulele!

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