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Making Home in a new city

The definition of home is supposed to be very simple, but somehow as you grow up and move out it becomes complicated.. Home isn't just one place now, home is in different cities with different people that you love with all your heart. They might feel like the house you grew up in, but they still feel like home somehow, a kind you never knew existed.

But how do you make this home?

First and foremost, be open to new ideas, people, and experiences

Because no matter how much of a cliché it is, you really never know what clicks. So don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity. Leave the past ke baggage's behind and start with a clean slate

Find people you can connect with

No, they might not necessarily be what or from where you expect them to be but they will give you comfort in a new city. These are the people that will make you feel humane in a world full of chaos, so hold them tight in your new home.

Explore interests and hobbies that you would shy away from back at ‘home’
This will provide you with a sense of confidence and self-love in an otherwise tough life.

Learn to spend time with yourself and enjoy it.

This is essential for all of us as we grow up because you might find yourself in situations where you have to change multiple cities and at that moment your comfort with yourself will make you at home.

Finally, to meet all of these amazing people and while you look for a home in a city of the unknown, go out of your comfort zone a little

And that’s where Mingout comes in play, with our core idea of getting people to belong, and meet with us for different offline events till you find your vibe, tribe, and home in different places.

And no matter how tough or easy it might seem, you’ll get through it and become a better version of yourself than you could ever imagine, while connecting with people from all over.


About the author

"Nimisha is a bibliophile living on hope while romanticising everything. Everything is a story if told correctly, and that’s what I’m trying to do for now. Living life and writing about it, hoping it makes someone smile.

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