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The beginner's guide to texting on social media

Are you a simp? An extrovert? A lousy DM ‘slider’? A ‘gram addict? The reader of the texts through your notification bar? Are you someone who has trouble starting a conversation on social media? Do you think that the modern social media frenzy gets you dizzy and you have no clue how to keep the “talk” going and hence miss out on gossip, updates, and community-building activities? Fret not - we will come to your rescue and share major pointers that will help you ace the art of texting on social media. Here they are

You can start your conversation with a Hey/hi but do not overdo it with the bombardment of lots of texts

Be subtle when you are starting to talk to someone, the person might be a light to moderate text-er or a hardcore extrovert but in order to know and set the mood, it is best advised to start mellow and then build up on the context.

Seek help from memes, music recommendations, and/or prose-poetry

You can always add spice to conversations by sending songs that someone can enjoy in a group or personally, you can join Discord servers and listen to music together, stream funny videos or share pieces of writing that everyone enjoys. Memes are to a conversation about what low-key fuel is to vehicles; it keeps the conversation going and breaks the monotony real quick! Also, it is a group mandate to share gossip and fun things to read if ever you come across something dark, bitter, and too hot to not share!

Use emojis smartly

One heart emoji is love, two is warmth and love but three might be borderline cringe; assess the degree of closeness among the two or more of you and only then use emojis on social media. A purple heart might be friendship but an evil emoji along with it might bring out the inner mischievous friend and help you ditch wordy replies. You can also indulge in a war of emojis when there is nothing else to do but still you want to talk to someone!


Underrated gems of the media; how many times have you used the search feature that comes alongside the GIF section on WhatsApp or Instagram? Very few, right? Because it is either stickers or emojis and never the icon in between (duh!) but you will get to know that there is a GIF that fits every mood of yours and your friends, you can always send GIFs to express anger, frustration, happiness or for pulling someone’s leg in a group, easy peasy much?

Do not overshare

Our toxic traits resonate when we say that oversharing is a thing; we tend to get carried away with emotions and overshare with people we just met, only to regret it later. It is okay to divulge details about our personal/professional lives every now and then but it is certainly not okay to repent over something, you didn’t mean to say but said nevertheless. Do not rush things, let conversations be organic and emotions take their own time to perpetuate into something permanent!

Assess the vibe of the text and text back with the same energy

If it’s an IMPORTANT text from your friend, you are advised to respond IN THE SAME ENERGY if not more; you cAn aLsO tExT LiKe DiS if you want (although it could be annoying at times) but your chat window is a safe haven of secrets, you can do you! If there are celebration pictures in your family group, take some time out to download 2-3 of them and compliment your fam for such beautiful pictures.

Do not be a meek spectator of group messages and pitch your ideas and suggestions upfront

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - (Michael Scott ) - (but also social media texting guide); so why not text something you feel strongly about, the worst that could happen is that people are going to turn your idea down but at least you will have zero regrets about shooting your shot. The next time, you slide the notification window up, make sure you also reply and engage in healthy discussions without thinking of the group reaction!


About the Author

"Sharanya is a business aficionado by education, an emotional fool at heart, and a hopeless romantic by nature. I like to read, write and develop unhealthy obsessions with fictional characters, food and songs. In my free time, I like to play the ukulele!

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