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Things introverts and extroverts are tired of hearing

Geet or Aditya? Bunny or Naina? Leonard or Penny? Hermione or Ron? Gina or Rosa? Ross or Monica? Ted or Tracy? *sighs*

The never-ending exchange of dialogue to settle the debate if it was better to be an extrovert or introvert has always been dicey. The lines often become arbitrary and then you end up being part of groups and smaller groups which have people you like more, but then comparison follows and you both end up sharing memes about each other on social media but never really confronting the idea of embracing the presence of each other and co-existing in harmony. Here are the most common points of conflict between the two and common things both extroverts and introverts are tired of hearing -

Extroverts are not always bustling with energy and introverts are not always low on energy

Both have their phases of high and by no means operate with a set protocol. Introverts also open up in front of people and become the life of parties and extroverts also need their space and at times, zone out of discussions and social gatherings. They always try to cover up for their introverted counterparts but hello, they need a break too!

Extroverts are tired of hearing that they are loud and introverts are tired of hearing that they are boring

Being outgoing and social is not loud and being somber and quiet is not boring. The least you can do is not judge either of them and make people at ease in a social setup because everyone has their own apprehensions and fears and you should not be shoving that on their faces.

Extroverts can be very thoughtful, deep, people and introverts can be really fun and enjoyable people to be around

You can have meaningful conversations with extroverts unlike the popular belief that they are superficial and flimsy and you can have a laughter riot with an introvert doing fun things, you could be too embarrassed to share. It is no good to stereotype and put each of the personalities into boxes; it is best not to judge books by the cover and flip the pages tabula rasa!

Extroverts are not always confident and introverts do not always face self-esteem issues

It is a myth that extroverts are always confident and introverts are not; it could be just the opposite or neither. Extroverts also face depressing times and might take comments and remarks to the heart and overthink it to the point where it could affect them emotionally. On the other hand, introverts could be really strong from the inside and be unperturbed by whatever comments they are subject to. One should always be empathetic irrespective of the personality traits of peers, colleagues, and friends.

"Extroverts should always be planning outings, arranging meetings, and taking initiative, and introverts should always be creative and thoughtful and remember days, dates, and special events"

Extroverts have a very happening love life and introverts have a dull love life

This is one of those myths which should be buried alongside the worst MYTHS of all time. Yes extroverts can talk and all, but this by no means implies that their tongues do not get tied while they talk to their crushes, it is as much a rough tide for them as it is for introverts and love seems forlorn for both of them!


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"Sharanya is a business aficionado by education, an emotional fool at heart, and a hopeless romantic by nature. I like to read, write and develop unhealthy obsessions with fictional characters, food and songs. In my free time, I like to play the ukulele!

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