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What does your favorite music genre say about you?

Music is a love language and there is no denying that. Music is what calms us down and makes us smile. And let’s be honest, it makes us cry like anything because who doesn’t listen to sad songs when they are already sad, that’s like half the charm and a personality trait btw.

But what music you listen to is a very important part of who you are, and your playlist is the closest someone can come to getting to know you (given all the very guilty pleasures in there) But hey! We don’t judge, but wouldn't it be so much easier to understand people a bit better in what music they like? So let’s figure it out!

Pop Music

The best of everything is found here, and if anyone tells you you’re basic for loving it, just shake it off, coz the haters gonna hate hate hate anyway, right?

Indie Music

If you’re this hatke person, just know your vibe is unmatched and though you love your playlist and want everyone to listen to it, you secretly don’t want anyone to discover your fav artists either because what if they become mainstream? No, just no!

RAP Gods

First off, you’re the most misunderstood crowd, and I’d like to acknowledge/accept that. You are perceived to have a gangsta personality with no fucks to give. But, if someone paid attention to it, rap has some of the BEST lyrics ever and at the end of it rap does stand for ‘ rhythm and poetry’ *swoons*


If you understand jazz for real, you’re amazing and an enthusiast for good art and appreciate culture. And if you’re trying to understand or get jazz just because of the fad of it, you’re either going to soon become obsessed with it or realize why it’s an acquired taste, all the best.

But no matter what kinda music you listen to, vibing with someone over music is a very special bond to make, so join us at Mingout jam sessions and find your vibe here!


About the author

"Nimisha is a bibliophile living on hope while romanticising everything. Everything is a story if told correctly, and that’s what I’m trying to do for now. Living life and writing about it, hoping it makes someone smile.

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