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Meet Harshveer

Your coach, guide and mentor

Meet harshveer, often known as the notorious intellect aka @storysellercomics. He is one of those people who demand the attention in the room and when they talk you wish to listen. That's what makes learning from him all the more fun! His thinking is one of a kind and his instructing as friendlier as ever! 

He's the perfect coach to make you a better version of yourself and get your life together!

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Know your Dating Tendency & Find the LOVE you want


Just in 45 minutes at 99/-

Happening on Saturday, 29th April
Time = 9:00 PM

Learn your DATING TENDENCY in just 45 MINUTES

Know your type for your first date
Unfold your dating tendency 
Convert your first date into second
Learn your blind spots on dates

And a lot more to pack and unpack!

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Find the love you want

- Harshveer

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