Host events. Perform. Play matchmaker!

Are you an artist - singer, composer, stand-up comedian, mixologist, hoop-er, chef - or something else?

Host a virtual house party on Mingout, invite friends, fans and family, spread love and earn on the side!


Would you like to host a virtual house party or house concert? If yes, here's how you can:

  • Tell us who you are

  • We vet you to make sure you're not a criminal/hoax/jerk/JoeRogan

  • Get hosting. No ghosting :p

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Reward fans, release merch, build a community
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Get discovered

Our folks are a bunch of hipsters. No better place than here to get in front of an audience hungry for someone fresh!


Spread love

Play the host and cupid, at the same time. What better way to build connections than to help people find love?

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Build a community

Build your own tribe, with your vibe. Virtual and IRL events, giveaways, merch and revenues. Build an empire, from your pocket.

Anybody can host

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With the right passion

The only prerequisite to host a date is a passion to help people find other people with whom they can connect