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9 date ideas you should execute with your partner!

Finally, asked someone out who is stuck at a quatervois about how to plan the entire Magnum Opus? Arghhh! Been there, done that. Fidgeting and twisting on your sheets right now and googling all the nice date ideas there exist so that you do not disappoint your partner on the very first rendezvous? I know how daunting it becomes to plan a date and more so when you have to be unique and creative every time you think of going out, staying in, or attempting to do something out of the blue. They might like it, or they might not; what if they feel that you were over the top or loud and yet, not expressive enough!? Worry not! We got you covered - First date or the nth date, we believe in celebrating the joy of little things in life that you and your partner will always remember.

Here is a list of exciting date ideas, I curated, that you can try with your partner and keep up the spark of your relationship!

Take a long walk, and eat your favorite street food together

Bike rides and car rides are all cool but long walks are the real gangsta! The butterflies when your fingers touch and the warmth of holding hands and walking along busy roads, crazy lights, unknown faces, and cacophony of city life - all so worth it! You find calm in that chaos and it doesn’t matter if it is your first date or the hundredth date, a plate of hot steamed momos or hot samosas once you both are tired, is a fulfilling deed you ought to do. Chuck the fancy, exotic restaurants and savor the Samosas with your date!

Watch old movies together

You don’t have to catch up with the times and wait for a Friday to go and watch a movie. Sit together and laugh your eyes out, watching Andaz Apna Apna or Hera Pheri or Hulchul; or shed a sob or two with PS-I love you, Pretty Woman, Up, or whatnot! The point is to reminisce about the journey you both have had and the comfort with which you enjoy things that are not new or spicy enough!

Go to a live music performance

It is rightly said when words fail, music speaks and a live music event is what might bring you and your partner really close. It could be Prateek Kuhad or a Nucleya event, it could be a classical vibe or a rock jibe but it will surely break the monotony of a normal date night. So, dress up and go bananas for this one!

Go to a bookstore and talk about books and parallel endings over a cup of hot coffee

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee but also when you are walking down the aisles of bookstores amid the smell of rustic books and discussing how your favorite fictional character should not have died or a childhood memory that you never spilled the beans about. Feels, much?

Play a fun, adventure sport together

Go, Go Karting or Play Laser tag or Paint Ball and be the perfect tag team for each other and get back on opponents one by one, just like you would tackle problems in real life.

Learn to bake and satiate your sweet tooth cravings together

There is mainstream cooking and then there is baking a cake and releasing enough and more dopamine both by baking and then eating together. If they like you, with cake smeared all over your face, and choose to click selfies with you, you know deep down, they’re the one for you!

Go to a Zumba class/Dance together

Have you ever vibed to the same Punjabi songs and wanted to show them your moves; you do not have to be in a club to do that! Play some music and let the rhythm guide your steps or sweat it out in a Zumba workshop together and bond over fitness!

Go on a small Trek together

Plan a weekend getaway and watch stars together on the top of a mountain. It will light up hopes for a future together, and remind you that we all have but limited time on earth, how insignificant we are as tiny specks, and that we should never delay confessing love and showing that we care! Sit by a bonfire and play mellow romantic songs - A perfect proposal maybe!?

Don your creative personas and indulge in painting, drawing, sketching

It sounds cumbersome at first and might fill you with apprehensions about knowing how to draw but it is really therapeutic playing with hues and filling shapes with vibrant shades just like you should, in each other’s lives. You would not even realize how much time passes while you both are at it and there are art cafes that serve the best appetizers; Win-Win?


About the Author

"Sharanya is a business aficionado by education, an emotional fool at heart, and a hopeless romantic by nature. I like to read, write and develop unhealthy obsessions with fictional characters, food and songs. In my free time, I like to play the ukulele!

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